About Us


It starts with a journey...

Even before I arrive in Tanzania I have the feeling something special is going to happen. On a couchsurfing platform, I meet Kaira Manangwa, a young Maasai man. In his community, he promotes education and advocates for the integrity of women and their rights (genital mutilation is still practiced there). Kaira himself had no easy life. He ran away at the age of 14 to get an education under the most difficult of conditions. After chatting online, I can't wait to meet him. After an unexpected two months of being together, he inspires me so much, I want to help him realise his great vision: to build a school in Maasailand near Engaruka!

“Success is not about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in the lives of others. "

Michelle Obama

Our Current Project

We are working on establishing an English-language primary school for 210 children (7 grades, each with 30 children). These children need a good eduction, which will allow them to actively and sustainably shape their future. While preserving Maasai culture, opportunities should arise for them to master current challenges in health, social and environmental areas. It is not just about theory: The Maasai should also learn about sustainable agriculture so that they do not have to rely on their traditional nomadic lifestyle, which advancing modernization makes increasingly difficult (through borderlines and protected national parks).


In 2015, lessons took place under an Acacia tree. The preschool children are about to move into the new school building, but the facilities are very basic.


At last, in April 2021, the school was equipped with desks. Now the children can practice writing and drawing instead of just listening and repeating.

We invite you to take part

Thanks to the trust and financial support of donors, we have already been able to implement a number of small projects. After five years, the existing preschool, in which the children learn the national language Swahili, was equipped with desks. The broken water pipe was renewed which saves the women very long walks.


To establish an English-speaking primary school, we need individual donors who would support us on a regular basis and through cooperations (e.g. schools can organize charity runs; on anniversaries, donations for the school can be requested instead of gifts ...). Every charity idea is welcome!

Whoever wants to contribute their skills, just get in touch!

We pay interest on your donation with joy and meaning!