Building a school costs money, even in Africa. Regular donations enable the Maasai children in Engaruka to plan for an independent future.


We are looking for 210 sponsors who will support us with € 40 per month. The money will first be used to build the school (approx. € 150,000) and then to cover its running costs.


This € 40 per child includes school supplies, school uniforms, teachers' salaries and a warm meal.

What if we find more sponsors? Then we can help educate more children!


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€ 40 allows a child to attend school for one month. Teachers' salaries, books, food and clothing are included.

How about wishing for a child's education the next solemn occasion? Or, alternatively, you could donate it as a gift to somebody else?


Each giftee will receive a "monthly sponsorship" certificate. Of course, quarterly, half-yearly and annual sponsorships are also possible ;-)


Donation subject: Monthly sponsoring

To issue the certificate, we require the name of the giftee and the e-mail or postal address of the donor. Either specify in the purpose of use when transferring the money or send the details by e-mail to eramatare@gmx.at

Charity Account Details:

Eramatare, Hilfsorganisation für Familien in Tansania
IBAN: AT85 2050 3033 0276 7037