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A New School For Us, A New School For Africa!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The Sillgasse Highschool charity run "A new school for us, a new school for Africa!" was a great success!

Many students ran up to the last minute in order to complete as many laps as possible. Some of them have run into several hundred euros!

Our young talent Trude, 91, did nine rounds! Some sponsors have to dig deep into their pockets!

Many thanks to everyone who supported this campaign!

We are still very touched and inspired by the good mood, the great enthusiasm, so much commitment and solidarity for our Maasai children!

A new school for us, a new school for Africa!

With this motto, over 300 students from the Sillgasse Grammar School took part in the charity run for the benefit of the "ERAMATARE" project with great enthusiasm.

After three years in a container school, students and teachers celebrated a farewell party with sports, games, music and art activities. Now they are looking forward to moving into the ultra-modern, friendly, bright and well-ventilated new school building in the eponymous Sillgasse in autumn with great anticipation.

After Maasai Kaira Manangwa and Mag. Sigrid Sadjak had been online guests in the subject “Global Learning” in May, the idea of ​​a school partnership was born in order to give children in disadvantaged locations educational and creative opportunities for their future. Kaira and Sigrid are committed to building a school in the Maasai area in northern Tanzania, but their efforts are still at the very beginning.

The students were immediately enthusiastic about the idea of ​​“A new school for us, a new school for Africa!” The first event in this context, the charity run, was very well received. It was touching to see hundreds of young people working full of solidarity.

The 91-year-old Trude Kendler, a former student of the Gymnasium Sillgasse, took part as a special guest of honor:

“I am running for the education of children and for the strengthening of women's rights! Only if we start with the children can there be a better future! And I want to show that nobody is too old or too young to make a difference! "

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