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Our Newest Investment

Kaira works in tourism and has long dreamed of having his own safari land cruiser. Currently, if he is guiding, he has to pay $ 200 per day and more for a rented safari cruiser - that is, if he can find one to rent! In the high season, finding a car is often very tedious. To own his own land cruiser, now that would be something! However, if you have nothing, you don't get credit to borrow. In addition, the lending rates in Tanzania are very high, at 17-25%!

I know how hard-working, persistent and determined Kaira is, so I invested my savings in him, in his future, and thus in the future of our project: yes, we bought a land cruiser that will be converted into a Safari vehicle by the RSA ( )! No risk, no chance, no success!

„The best way to predict your future is to create it.“ — Abraham Lincoln

I am sure that if Kaira prospers, it will have a positive effect on our school project. For eight years, he has been working tirelessly to improve the well-being of the Maasai children and their community. As formulated in our goals, income from tourism should benefit the overall project. Even if we have just started, our aim is to reduce our dependence on donations long term.

We are currently in the process of founding partner associations: in Austria a non-profit association, in Tanzania an NGO in order to legally secure our private initiative. Good things come to those who wait! We thank you for your trust and your patience!

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