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As honorary guests at the inauguration ceremony of Gymnasium Sillgasse

The inaugural ceremony of Gymnasium Sillgasse is the actual reason for Kaira’s visit and represents itself as his big show-down during his one-week sojourn in Tyrol.

The bright and brand-new school building is inaugurated on July 1st 2022 in a festive opening ceremony. Students moderate the ceremony superbly while interesting speeches get accompanied by lovely pieces of music, a sketch performance and pictures that show the history of the construction.

Kaira and me, Sigrid, are invited as honorary guests on behalf of the Eramatare School Project as we have been associated with the Gymnasium Sillgasse since June 2021. A notable donor run as well as several appearances in classroom discussions at the school over the last months gained us popularity.

As Kaira is being asked to step on the stage for an interview, the principal Mr. Harald Pittl proudly hands him over a symbolical check worthy of not less than € 42.375,- in front of everyone’s eyes. This amount was raised at the school’s donor run under the slogan “A new school for us, a new school for Africa” exactly one year ago.

The huge engagement of teachers, students and all the regular donors enabled us to launch the construction of the school in Engaruka / Tanzania so quickly. The result of one single donor run materialized itself in the building of the first three classrooms of the English Primary School.

At last, Kaira hands his festive gown over to the school which his mum manufactured just for this important event as a sign of deep gratitude for the support of Masaai children. No one can imagine how much faith Masaai women put in the education of their children and grandchildren!

Eramatare is delighted to have raised donors of as much as € 1.405,- on this day; foremost to mention is the students’ buffet.

May our joint actions be blessed and enlighten everybody with enthusiasm!

NB: Independently from the donors of the Sillgasse Gymnasium, accommodation for teachers, toilet facilities and well drilling have been financed since the start of the project in May 2021! The first 30 children get educated since March 2022 with two teachers being steadily employed! As the kids are studying remarkably enthusiastically, we might be able to converse in English with them already by the turn of the year 2022 / 2023. In the summer of 2022 we welcome the first volunteers at Eramatare School, Emanuel Lezuo, a soon-to-be elementary teacher, as well as Joachim & Marija Krauß who are going to function as dentists for two weeks.

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