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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

"Well-being wearies the mind; difficulties educate and strengthen it.“ (Petrarch)

This quote makes me think of Kaira. Building a school in Engaruka involves countless challenges. Expensive transportation and limited resources are just two of them.

Transport of the required building materials is very expensive. Although our construction site is only 50 km from the next central location Mto Wa Mbu, and can be reached via a relatively good gravel road, there are hardly any transport lorries - and they know that they are unique. Transporting a large truckload of sand alone costs € 350. Bricks and wood come from Arusha, 160 km away ...

Mixing concrete requires large amounts of water, which has to be transported by truck in tanks from a river seven kilometers away from the construction site. One load costs € 22, but up to three loads are required daily to lay the foundations, i.e. € 66.

Kaira goes to great lengths to use the donations as efficiently as possible. He drives from one supplier (brick, cement, wood, sand, ... transport) to the next, where he compares and negotiates. But it is not just funds that are limited. Sometimes what you need is simply unavailable. We have been waiting over two weeks to buy a 5000 liter water tank. Until one is available, we have to rent one.

Step by step we continue. We appreciate every kind of support and encouragement we receive along the way. We thank everyone who helps and promotes our vision to educate and better the future of the children of Engaruka.

Donation Account: Mag. Sigrid Sadjak Eramatare School IBAN: AT02 6000 0005 1621 2969 BIC: BAWAATWW

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