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Christmas Joy & Building Progress ...

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

We are so thrilled to bring you such good news at Christmas! Our school building project is making good progress! Both the first three classrooms and the first teachers' accommodation are roofed and will soon be plastered, windows and doors are in place, and the ceilings are currently being finished. It is quite remarkable if you think that everything is done by hand. Without electricity. Without an excavator. Without machines. As I mentioned earlier, the water for mixing concrete has to be delivered by truck.

Yes, it really is true: when the vision of one becomes the vision of another, the potential doubles. And when a chain of enthusiasm is created, great things become possible in small ways! Kaira and I would like to thank all of you who believe in our vision and support us!

However, a building alone does not make a school.

One day, the following question crossed my mind: what, in concrete terms, would we / you would have to forego if we / you had € 10 less every week?

€ 40 enables a child to attend school for one month. This includes teachers' salaries, books, food and clothing. Fifteen sponsors are now willing to donate € 40 per month.

Each class will have 30 pupils. Imagine you are the one giving a child a future through education! Doesn't joy arise in you at this thought?

"You don't have to foresee the future. You have to make it possible!"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In January I am going to meet Kaira and our future school (at my own expense, of course!). The nicest thing I can imagine is that, by then, we will have enough regular sponsors and that we will be able to look for a teacher to run the first class! I believe in Christmas miracles!

May you all be blessed and we wish you happy holidays!

Sincerely, Sigrid & Kaira

Here, you can see the teacher's accommodation and three of the seven planned classrooms in the making. We can currently finish one classroom to start teaching. As soon as we have more sponsors and more donation capital, we will continue to build.

Everything is done by hand.

In the future, the teacher's house will also serve as accommodation for volunteers.

After weeks of waiting, two 5000 and 3000 liter water tanks were finally delivered. How to supply water remains a major challenge for us. Once again, it is very, very dry - it just doesn't want to rain here. However, we want to create a school garden with permaculture for learning and imparting knowledge and to thus improve the nutritional situation in the long term.

Due to the severe drought, nothing grows. That means supplies are exhausted and people are starving. Usually we only buy porridge for the preschool children, but this time we made an exception.

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