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The First Blessing

May we and our work be blessed, and may we be a blessing to others!

The foundations have been dug and the first walls are rising up. It is high time to stop and ask for God's blessing. In the case of the Maasai, this is the Engai, creator god and goddess based at the nearbly volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai.

The community blesses the primary school's construction site and Kaira and his friend Yona, who helps diligently. Milk, which is essential for the Maasai and is THE main food, plays a central role: Kaira and Yona are placed in the middle of a circle of men, whereupon everyone spreads their shukas (cloaks), thus closing the circle to the outside. They take a sip of milk and then together, they spray the "milk blessing" from their mouths over the recipients seated in the middle.

After the blessing is completed, two goats are slaughtered to celebrate and prepared according to Maasai style, i.e. without salt and next to an open fire. Full and in happy togetherness, the community celebrates.

The joy and hope resting in the school project are great, especially amongst the women.

My / our biggest wish is to find 30 sponsors by Christmas who will support us with a donation of € 40 per month and enable us to run the first class. The money will be used to finance teachers' salaries, books, clothing and food.

At Christmas, "monthly sponsorships" of € 40 can be gifted to others. I am currently drafting the relevant certificates and will send them to you upon request and after the donation has been received.

It's a worthy investment, because we pay interest on your donation with joy and meaning!

Please spread the word!

The building site being blessed

The blessing of important people with milk, here Kaira

To celebrate the day, there is fresh goat. While the animal is still being cut up, the first pieces are already being grilled. There is, of course, nothing left.

The joy and hope invested in the primary school project are particularly strong among women.

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