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Kaira, a Feminist

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Kaira can't sleep. One of his brothers told him about violence against women in the Maasai community. He told him of humiliation, beatings and other unspeakable injustices. But what can Kaira do? Speaking to the perpetrators is useless. First, Kaira has to calm down and think it through. The Maasai woman need more support. The Maasai women need more rights. There need to be consquences when men break the law, so that they understand the seriousness of their actions. Kaira is furious and sad as he tells me about this. But he remains solution-oriented. He is already making plans, plans he will soon surpass.

Through an acquaintance, Kaira manages to establish contact with a member of parliament. Unfortunately, despite the importance of the matter, a telephone conversation is not an option. Kaira must travel to Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, an 8 hour journey from where he is based in Arusha. There, during a meeting, he underscores the urgency of finding a solution for domestic violence against Maasai women. He lists suggestions for possible solutions. He is listened to attentively.

May Kaira's unwavering commitment create more equality!

One month after the incident, the perpetrator found himself in prison for 2 weeks, with the full backing of the village chief and the community. Amongst other things, he will serve as an example to others, and to show that the protection of Maasai women's rights is something taken very seriously by the community.

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