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Moving for Maasai

Moving for Maasai - a movement which moves

This slogan shapes a donor run for Eramatare taking place on 30-6-2022 at the Gymnasium Stams that focuses on skiing.

With excellent weather conditions and in front of the unique backdrop of the monastery, 60 students, many teachers as well as several participants of the Catholic Pedagogical Institute give it their all raising € 2.294,- in total. Not to forget one-year old Adrian, our youngest contestant, who did the laps sitting in his grandmother’s arms!

Our honorary guest Kaira Manangwa being Eramatare’s project initiator and partner pushes hard on the track-and-field lanes despite a nasty cough he caught some days prior. When each round is awarded with € 88.-, then this certainly incentivizes to go flat out! He manages to do thirty laps, T H I R T Y laps (=12km/h = € 2790,-)! How many would he have done if he had been fit?

As an addition to this event, we are able to find organizations and a few private donors that finance the run with € 6.300,-.

We sincerely thank everyone involved for this successful day which is dedicated to the construction of the school for the Maasai children in Engaruka.

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