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My Return to Tanzania

Last year - due to Corona and a lack of alternatives - I happened to end up in Tanzania.

When I said goodbye to Kaira and Tanzania, a good ten months ago now, I never thought I would return, let alone to visit a large project that had, and will, require long-term cooperation ...

But life lays out paths for us that we, at first, cannot see. If I think about it, my life is a series of happy coincidences.

Indeed, my journey began with encouragement and a blessing!

A man saw me in the queue at Vienna Airport and said in passing: "Yes, that's how you travel!"(I was in a dirndl), ... only to return a moment later, and express his joy at our encounter with the words and card: "You are a/your gift!"

I am happy to gift this to each of you who give yourself to the world! Maasai meets dirndl - what a lovely image.

The four boarding school children who stay with Kaira during the holidays greeted me with joy. Kaira's mother is here too. She immediately adorned my feet with pearls (in five weeks I will hardly be different from the Maasai ;-). We looked at photos and played together ... until I fell asleep on the sofa, where my mind and soul finally caught up with my body. It only dawns on me upon waking that I am finally here! 😊

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