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Our Vision Materializes

Kaira and I are full of joy because our vision is materializing.

Thank you for your trust in us. Thank you for every donation. Thank you to our regular sponsors (we can still count them on one hand)! And a big thank you to the Gymnasium Sillgasse, who brought us a giant step forward with their summer charity run!

Kaira has been very busy over the summer. 💪🏾 After the land was acquired for the school site in July, and formally handed over by the Maasai community, Kaira visited various schools and spoke to teachers and directors.

He went over plans with a master builder experienced in school construction, made visits to the authorities, and inspected and selected building materials.

Before you build, first make strong foundations!

Now, the construction site has officially been opened and the foundations dug! A corrugated iron hut has been built to protect the building materials, especially the cement sacks, and to provide accommodation for the external workers. Most of the bricks have been delivered. Kaira bought stones for the foundations from women who use hammers and chisels to break up the stone by hand. A very hard earned income!

We have begun with the construction of ONE class with teacher accommodation, because we agree: it is better to start small than not at all!

It is better to help 30 children than none at all!

Although we have already achieved a lot, there is still a lack of funding for the school construction and regular donations for future operations. Sponsorships for school pupils are available now for € 40 per month! (Of course every donation, no matter how much and how often, is welcome! Large donations anyway ;-))

My Christmas wish is for 30 sponsors to support our pupils! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 As soon as we have 30 regular supporters, our first class can begin their lessons! 🥰

We would like to thank everyone who is helping us give children a more promising future.

We can pay interest on your donation with joy and meaning.❤️

May our project prosper!

May our actions create new opportunities!

May the living conditions of man AND nature improve!

The truck was unable to drive to the construction site. But here, improvisation and manual work are the norm :-)

Piles of rock broken up by women with hammers and chisels, the material and accommodation barracks as well as the foundations.

Workers loading the stones that are needed for the new school's foundations.

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