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Tanzania meets Tyrol

We are warm-heartedly delighted that our Tanzanian Eramatare project initiator, organiser and partner, Kaira Manangwa, was able to pay Tyrol a visit for a week!

A big shout-out to everyone who invited us and was ready to share both their experience and expertise with us. We fondly remember these days full of vivid impressions for Kaira!

We use the time to connect with representatives of several educational institutions such as the English Primary School Saggen/Innsbruck, Montessori-School, tourism school Villa Blanka and the tourism section of the Management Center Innsbruck. We organize a charity run in Stams and are part of the officlal school inauguration ceremony of the Gymnasium Sillgasse. We also go on a trip to the Grödner valley to carver Gregor Prugger and hiked up Seiser Alm. For Kaira’s 30th birthday we climb Mount Gargglerin in the Stubai region where we enjoy the beautiful view and the tranquility after all the hassle during the week.

1. Visiting Joachim and Marija, who are going to travel to Eramatare School in Tanzania soon to volunteer as dentists for Maasai people.

2. Some of our regular donors.

3. Visiting carver and farmer Gregor Prugger in St. Ulrich, Gröden valley.

1. Principal Ms. Sabine Wechselberger leads us through the tourism school Villa Blanka. Kaira is impressed by the insitution’s professionalism.

2. Innsbruck Elementary School. With Emanuel Lezuo and principal Ms. Gerlinde Prazeller.

Visiting Gymnasium Adolf-Pichler-Platz, Innsbruck. Kaira talks to many students who took part in supporting the well construction

1. Visiting the Montessori School in Innsbruck with Ms. Tanja Arora.

2. Happy 30th Birthday, dear Kaira!

3. On a hike in the Stubai Alps.

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