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The Search for Teachers ...

We've been back in Arusha for a few days. Despite the fact that Kaira has much to do apart from our project, we have, amongst other things, conducted two interviews to find suitable teachers for our school. We need a teacher for the primary school as well as someone who teaches pre-school English. It is something of a challenge to find a teacher who speaks good enough English.

For the pre-school, it already looks very hopeful: Ibrahim speaks excellent English with good pronunciation. He loves to teach and we believe he will be a good fit. Next week, we will take him with us to Engaruka so that he can get a clearer picture of the school, its conditions and remoteness, and make a decision.

We bought another bicycle for the four children who are staying with Kaira during the holidays, so that two of them can travel at one time. It's much more fun to ride up and down the street together or to explore the surroundings than alone! They are, of course, delighted! And, before the holidays are over and they must return to boarding school, we grant another wish and take them to a hotel swimming pool.

Incidentally, that was one of the reasons why I decided to support Kaira's vision to set up a school in the Maasai region: I think it's a real shame when children are taken away from their rich culture and community at such a young age!

We also visited a lawyer to set up a tourism company. It will be called "Eramatare Experience," and we are already very excited about taking you to explore Northern Tanazania!

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