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Today I had to cry ...

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

There is a severe drought in East Africa and "my/our" Maasai in Engaruka, about 3000 people, are also affected. If we don't help quickly, the first will starve. It makes me so incredibly sad! I know people, it's like just letting friends die.

The minimum catering with cornmeal and beans costs € 15 per person/month. Please help feed the poorest and most vulnerable and alleviate the misery!

Until it finally rains and new green thrives!

With great hope,


Eramatare, Hilfsorganisation für Familien in Tansania

IBAN: AT85 2050 3033 0276 7037


Our project initiator and partner Kaira has long since contacted the Tanzanian authorities. There was a promise that corn would be delivered at a cheaper rate. But nothing has happened. He keeps trying to get support.

I am currently writing to friends/acquaintances who may be able to connect to larger aid organizations and help us with this. If you feel addressed, I urge you to contact me! Until 26.11. I can only be reached by email ( or via WhatsApp.

The whole of Tanzania is by no means affected by the drought, but this region is. In East Africa we are talking about very large areas, there are climatic differences. The Maasai moved with the rain until the 1950s/60s, but they were thrown out of large, rainier and therefore more fertile areas (now national parks). In addition, there was settlement activity, privatization and other demarcations, so that the Maasai had to settle down, often in very inhospitable areas like Engaruka.

It is all the more important to push our school project forward and thus create new opportunities in the long term. The children are learning with great enthusiasm. It will definitely get better soon!

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