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Who is Sigrid?

At this point, I will let others have their say ...

"Sigrid - an admirable woman. What she does, she does with heart and passion, with endless energy and always with an eye on the bigger picture. Sigrid's life is characterized by modesty, based on the principle of 'less is more'. She is very well-read and critical, energetic when necessary, and yet always very thoughtful. Warm, cheerful and wise - her tireless commitment and perseverance are admirable. Very active in sports, and with a strong, enterprising spirit - all of this, and much more, comes spontaneously when I think of my long-time friend Sigrid."

(Martina Gapp)

"Sigrid... Oh, Sigrid...! Where to start?

Sigrid is one of those people that once you meet will for sure make an impact in your life – in a good way of course.

The way we met describes the way of how she is really interested in human contact, people, learning, teaching, sharing, creating & co-creating connections across any borders, across any culture and in between people. She is such an open-hearted person, always trying to make the world a better place.

I've found in Sigrid and her family a lot of inspiration, that made me realize how small the world is and how similar we are as humans. In a few words, and as a funny experience, she opened up her family's house and introduced me to her culture and life when I was trying to find my place in Europe... And I actually don't know if she is aware of this: but she was present and very supportive in one of the most important moments of my life that finally led me to be able to stay in this new continent. I will always remember that and that morning talk we had about not being scared of pursuing dreams in life.

She is a woman full of energy & good intentions. Always up for a walk, a hike, a smile, a hug or advice without expecting anything in return... She is a strong soul who makes other souls stronger, by devoting herself to others and the world, for it to become a better place, and for people to achieve their dreams and learn more about their own potential.

I wish her the best luck on this project. We need for sure more Sigrids in the world.

(Julian M. Descaillaux)

......more is coming soon :-)

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