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Annual Review Eramatare 2022

Dear friends of Eramatare!

Chance knows ways of which intention knows nothing!

Two years ago today, on 22 December, I landed in Tanzania for the first time, unaware of how much this trip would change my life, as well as the lives of many others! In April 2021, I commit to implementing Kairaa's vision, and much has happened since then. Here is the short version.

When the vision of one becomes the vision of the other, the potential doubles!

Founding of the association

Started as a private initiative at the beginning of 2021, our newly founded non-profit association "Eramatare - Aid Organisation for Families in Tanzania" has been officially registered since March 2022. In the course of this, an association account can be opened into which all donations are now received and through which all transactions take place. - A second auditor is still being sought!


Having started in mid-September 2021, the first construction phase can be completed in March 2022 so that the first pre-school class with 30 children can move into a room. For this purpose, two teachers are employed, who live in the adjacent teachers' house, where our volunteers also find accommodation. In the meantime, the next three classes are being built. Energy is supplied by photovoltaic panels, and we bought a generator for the construction site at the end of the year. We have also planted 60 trees, which will provide shade in the future, and more will follow. Of course, we are also digging underground pools to collect the roof water, the first one will be completed soon.

At the end of the year we dress the children with new shukas, they also get maasai shoes (made of tyre material), because the ground is full of thorns. They are proud to be students at Eramatare and are learning with joy. Of particular importance at this time of famine is the daily porridge that is distributed, as for many this is probably the only meal of the day.

In addition to the children who are taught in our school, Kaira enables four children (Nabana, Ondinina, Kalaine, Kaley) to attend a boarding school in Arusha. This year he has also taken in Langeti (14), who is a late starter and thus able to attend school.

Not to forget the 130 kindergarten children who are taught in Swahili, as they have been for years, in order to be able to follow lessons in a (very poor) public school. Of course, they also receive a portion of porridge per day. - Unfortunately, we do not have enough funds to admit more than 30 children per year to our new English Primary School.


The courageous commitment of the students of the Adolf Pichler Platz Highschool during the Lenten Campaign 2022 makes it possible to drill for water which, according to geological reports, can be found at a depth of about 180m. In fact, 172m deep is drilled, but the water analysis carried out afterwards is sobering; the subsoil also seems to be finely grained and therefore not ideal, as this reduces the flow of water. - Currently at a loss, we will soon receive expert and committed support from the Austrian hydrogeologists Dr. Andreas Schindlmayr and Dr. Harald Wimmer, as well as the expert Dr. Josef Lintschinger (water chemistry), so we are confident that we will still find a good solution. Harald will come to Engaruka in February 2023 for this purpose, for which we are extremely grateful!

Kaira Manangwa Laizer's stay in Tyrol

It is particularly pleasing that our Tanzanian project initiator, -partner and -organiser Kaira is able to come to Tyrol for a week and complete a very dense programme that gives him countless impressions. We visit a Montessori primary school, an English-language primary school, the Villa Blanka tourism school and the Adolf-Pichler-Platz-highschool. A special highlight is the charity run in Stams, where Kaira runs as guest of honour and is generously sponsored in favour of Eramatare. The festive finale is the participation in the opening ceremony of the BG/BRG Sillgasse (highschool), with which a school partnership has existed since June 2021. On the last day, Kaira's 30th birthday, we take time to reflect on a summit tour in our beautiful Alps.

First Volunteers

Special pioneering spirit is shown by dental hygienist Marija and dentist MSc. Joachim Krauß, as well as the primary school teacher Emanuel Lezuo, who are the first volunteers to venture to Engaruka.

The mobile treatment module that Joachim and Marija sent to Arusha in advance is not released by customs for unknown reasons, so they have to limit themselves to serial examinations. Fortunately, the dental material of the Maasai children and also adults is so good that they can go on holiday without much regret.

Emanuel stays for three weeks to support the two teachers Ibraah and Amani under the motto "Teach the Teacher" and to show alternative teaching methods (to frontal teaching). Due to the language differences, the children are just learning English, the time proves to be challenging, but at the same time incredibly enriching for all involved. Emanuel has already scheduled his next placement for summer 2023!

Emanuel is also wholeheartedly committed to Eramatare in Austria: on his initiative, Eramatare is present with a stand at the Höttinger Stadtteilfest as well as at the Advent market of different associations in Wilten, he initiates the fundraising run in Stams, and on his recommendation, the Studienvertretung Stams and the cultural association ImKreis donate any proceeds.

School visits

It is a pleasure when we are invited to schools. The pupils are generally very interested, moreover they have a right to know what they are working for. During the Lenten project of the Adolf-Pichler-Platz-highschool, I tell the religious classes about the living conditions in Engaruka and our vision.

Emanuel (in person) and Kaira (online) are visiting the seventh grade classes of BG/BRG Sillgasse (highschool) during their "Global Learning" lessons. The direct contact with Kaira, his lively storytelling, his solution-oriented attitude and tackling manner despite all adversities are something very special.

Eramatare Experience

Kaira has been working in tourism as a certified guide for a long time, both on the mountains of Tanzania (Kilimandjaro, Mt. Meru, Ol Doinyo Lengai) and on safari in various national parks (Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, etc.). Since the beginning of 2022, Kaira has been running "Eramatare-Experience" as his own company, including a state-of-the-art safari land cruiser. Whoever travels with Kaira and his team is in good hands and at the same time helps the Maasai children of Engaruka. We look forward to your enquiry!


Education in the most comprehensive sense has a lasting effect, it is the basis for self-help and therefore for us the most sensible use of donations. But when the famine, caused by the drought that has lasted for over a year, sinks the first women and children to the ground, we have to act quickly. I am calling for a fundraising campaign that will allow us to deliver maize and beans to the very poorest. The situation is not expected to ease until the end of February, when the rainy season normally begins. It will take even longer until there is a new harvest (it is 100% failed this year). We currently expect to deliver food until the end of April, if we can. May many more donations come in so that we can turn the need around.

THIS is Christmas! You are Christmas!
When many little people DO many little things, they can change the face of the world.

Ida and Julia, two fourth graders from the Primary School Ohlsdorf, touch my heart especially! When they hear about the famine in Engaruka, they quickly realise: neither pity, crying nor ignorance can help, only DOING can! They fold origami hearts as bookmarks, prepare a speech and present their cause in front of the assembled teachers and the headmaster. Their courage makes others forget their doubts and more and more people join in. Countless children make handicrafts, the hearts and donation boxes find their way to various places (shops, surgeries...). Every opportunity is courageously used, be it the children's fair or the St. Nicholas evening at the gymnastics club, Ida and Julia stand up, they speak from the heart and reach others. Ida and Julia, you are great people and I am sure you will do great things! Welcome to Eramatare!

On behalf of everyone involved with Eramatare, thank you for every donation! Thank you so much to everyone who helps out! You all make our DOING possible. You all ARE Christmas for me!

If you would like to personally contribute your skills, please contact us by e-mail or by phone (+43 680 311 4744)!

May your heart be full of gratitude and joy, so that you feel Christmas every day of the year!

Sigrid & Kaira and all of Eramatare

Reality is what you DO, and when many join in, we create a really good school

PS.: I am in Zanzibar until the beginning of February, where I am eagerly trying to learn Swahili.

PPS.: If you are still looking for a gift idea, with us you are giving an especially valuable present:

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